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Unformatted text preview: erived from IMF, International Financial Statistics 41.9 Imports of goods and non­factor services as a percentage of nominal GDP at market prices. Derived from lines 78abd, 78aed and 99b in the IFS. Derived from IMF, International Financial Statistics ­7.0 General government receipts minus central government outlays, as a percentage of GDP."State" or central government budget only, excluding local and social security budgets Consolidated government budget, including local and social security budgets. Derived from National Bank of Romania (NBR), Annual Report; National Bank of Romania (NBR), Monthly Bulletin; OECD, Economic Survey of Romania, 1998 34.1 Total debt (both local and foreign currency) owed by government to domestic residents, foreign nationals and multilateral institutions such as the IMF, expressed as a percentage of GDP. NBR data for domestic debt; GDF figures up to and including 1996 for external debt and NBR thereafter (converted using IFS end­period exchange rate); GDF and NBR...
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