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Unformatted text preview: percentage of GDP. Derived from Eurostat ­8.2 Consolidated general government budget balance divided by nominal GDP. Consolidated general government balance, excluding pension funds allocated to the privately­funded "second pillar" from 2007 onwards. Derived from Eurostat 42.2 Total debt (both local and foreign currency) owed by government to domestic residents, foreign nationals and multilateral institutions such as the IMF, expressed as a percentage of GDP. Derived from Eurostat 0.9 Percentage change in consumer price index in local currency (period average), over previous year. National Bank of Slovakia, Monetary Survey 12.4 Recorded official unemployment as a percentage of total labour force, year­end. Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, Statistical Yearbook of the Slovak Republic 1.3 Exports of goods (fob) less imports of goods (fob). Line 78acd in the IFS. National Bank of Slovakia ­3.3 Current­account balance as a percentage of GDP. Derived from lines 78ald and 99b in the IFS. Derive...
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