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Code currency units rgdp lcu dgdp ppcr pgce pfin pexp

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Unformatted text preview: tat, Belgium National Bank 0.6 Current­account balance as a percentage of GDP. Derived from IMF, International Financial Statistics; Banque Nationale de Belgique ­1.3 Net flows of direct investment capital by non­residents into the country, as a percentage of GDP. Derived from IMF, International Financial Statistics – Total external debt at end­period as a percentage of nominal GDP. Bulgaria Series Title Real GDP Real GDP (% change pa) Private consumption (% of GDP) Government consumption (% of GDP) Gross fixed investment (% of GDP) Exports of G&S (% of GDP) Imports of G&S (% of GDP) Budget balance (% of GDP) Public debt (% of GDP) Consumer prices (% change pa; av) Unemployment rate (%) Trade balance Current­account balance (% of GDP) Inward FDI flow/GDP (%) Total debt/GDP Copyright © 2011 The Economist Intelligence Unit. Code Currency Units RGDP LCU DGDP PPCR PGCE PFIN PEXP PIMP PSBR PUDP DCPI UNEM BALM $ CARA INVR TDPY m bn 2000 26,752.8 6.4 76.6 10.8 15.8 50.5 55.8 ­0.6 72....
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