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ECOMONICS 201 INTRODUCTION TO ECONOMIC ANALYSIS: MICROECONOMICS SPRING 2008 -- DISTANCE EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR: Stephen Haynes, Professor of Economics and Associate Head Department of Economics, University of Oregon E-mail: [email protected] , Phone: 541-346-4665 Office Hours: 418 PLC, Tues. and Fri. 2:00-3:20, ABA SOCIAL SCIENCE INSTRUCTION LAB AND BLACKBOARD INFO. SSIL E-mail: [email protected] ; Phone: 346-4642 Blackboard: Http://blackboard.uoregon.edu, and [email protected] ON-LINE CLASSES A. GENERAL INFORMATION. Online classes are offered for students who are unable to attend regular classes (because of job or other commitments, distance from Eugene, etc.). Also, some students take online classes because they prefer the flexibility that an online class adds to their schedule. The material in online economics classes is the same as that in lecture economics classes, and the exams, all multiple choice, are extremely similar in format and difficulty. However, online classes require more discipline by students than regular classes given the necessity of mastering the material primarily from the textbook and related sources (both offline and online). Thus, contrary to what many anticipate, online classes are harder, not easier, than lecture classes. To succeed in an online class, you must be extremely motivated and well organized. Unlike with regular classes, exams for online classes are taken at a day and time chosen by the student, but must be taken by the exam deadline. In addition, a reservation is required to take the exam. It is encouraged that students coordinate their online exams with exams for other classes in order to minimize conflicts and create "space" for exam preparation for each course. Because the exam dates are flexible (subject to the requirement that they meet the deadline), it is not possible for students to obtain a copy of an exam after completing the exam. B. EXAMS FOR STUDENTS LIVING IN AND NEAR EUGENE. Local students take exams in the Social Science Instructional Laboratory (SSIL) located in 445 McKenzie Hall. These on-campus tests are given by appointment only. Before
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scheduling an exam, you must complete "On-Line Test Taking Introduction" located at the distance ed webpage -- http://distanceeducation.uoregon.edu/ -- after clicking in the center of the webpage that begins "Click to get your test-taker ID. ..." After completion of this introduction, you will be given a Test-Taker Personal Identification number and password, which will enable you to log on to the Test-Taker Home Page from the distance ed webpage. From the Test-Taker Home Page, you can make appointments to take exams, cancel appointments, see your exam scores, change your test-taker password, email me, and more. If you have further questions about testing, contact [email protected] Important: you must complete the On-Line Test Taker Introduction by the end of the
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