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Psychology Lab - Scott Donnelly 10/28/07 PSYC 100 Lab 2-...

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Scott Donnelly 10/28/07 PSYC 100 Lab 2- Positive Psychology Part A: Video 1 1. When a person looks at pictures of a smiling baby there is increased activity in an area of the brain just above the eyes. There are changes in blood flow when we observe nice or nasty things. 2. Happiness is real because a neuroscientist can measure it. Happiness is a state while pleasure is a moment while in that state. Video 2 1. The rules of positive psychology are to challenge negative thoughts, play to your strengths, seek out meaning in your life, and count your blessings. 2. The technique to use to make a dull job an interesting one are to identify what your signature strengths are such as kindness and fairness. After taking a signature strength test, apply that strength all day long throughout your job. 3. My signature strengths are humor, playfulness, hope, optimism, creativity, ingenuity, originality, honesty, authenticity, genuineness and capacity to love and be loved. Video 3 1. People are made happy by human relationships and income; human relationships being the more important of the two. 2. Income relates to happiness by causing us to focus more on obtaining a larger income therefore allowing human relationships to deteriorate. Video 4 1. Aristotle’s view on happiness was the ultimate goal for humanity. He believed there are many ways to find money, possessions, and leisure. 2. You can measure happiness by asking simple questions such as, “How happy are you with your life?” and having subjects rate it on a scale from 1-10. Video 5
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Psychology Lab - Scott Donnelly 10/28/07 PSYC 100 Lab 2-...

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