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Class notes 02.26.08 - T-Square - Tips include reviewing...

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Introduction to Sociology 1101A Spring 2008 Class Notes 02.26.08 I. Go over test II. Suggestions about studying A. Keep up with reading and class discussions; if you miss class, ask a classmate for notes, go to T-Square for lecture notes and groups’ PowerPoint slides B. Review Active Reading Resources in Material about Reading folder of T-Square Resources about how to read textbooks.
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Unformatted text preview: Tips include reviewing section headings and bolded words, writing notes in margins, outlining material, etc. C. Periodically review recently covered material D Figure out which study method(s) work best for you? Working alone or working with others? Memorizing or thinking through answers? Writing notes and lists? Trying to explain the content to a fellow student?...
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