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HIST 213 Brent Fiorito Response Paper 2 2/10/08 How Scholars Argue Slavery I believe that Phillips’ view although biased toward the upper class is a very good source of Southern history yet is slightly flawed as shown by his critics. In his work American Negro Slavery Phillips portrays the South as acquiring its identity through the plantation system rather than slavery. He focuses on the upper class slave holders and not the slaves themselves which is expected considering his racist background. In the four reviews read there are two different interpretations of Phillips’ work. Genovese defends it to an extent by showing how if one looks past Phillips’ racism there is much good historical information on the class system and economy of the South. Stampp, Elkins and Potter hold a different view of Phillips’ work, expressing that due to his biases and racial tendencies his work is tainted and of no good use. This is because of his exclusion of slave culture and his feeling of savagery and lack of refinement of Negros. Genovese argues that Phillips’ work is “the best and most subtle introduction to Southern
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ResponsePaper2 - HIST 213 Response Paper 2 Brent Fiorito...

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