C2510 EAS Lab F 2012b

Place the erlenmeyer flask in a 400 ml beaker and

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Unformatted text preview: meyer flask in a 400 mL beaker and fill to the neck with an ice-water bath. Place this apparatus on a stir plate, and turn the stirrer on and set for vigorous stirring without splashing Note: The solid may not completely dissolve. Continue with the protocol anyway. Set up a separatory funnel on an iron ring above the Erlenmeyer such that the tip of the separatory funnel is in the flask. Be sure the separatory funnel is below eye level and that the stopcock is closed (parallel to the floor). Using a clean graduated cylinder, carefully measure out 10 mL of H2SO4 and pour it into the separatory funnel. Caution: Sulfuric acid is a strong acid and will burn your skin and eyes. You must wear gloves and eye protection while using sulfuric acid (and during the rest of the laboratory as well). Ask your instructor if you have questions about this set-up. Be sure the mixture is ice-cold before proceeding with the addition. Add the sulfuric acid dropwise over the course of 10-15 minutes (one drop every 4-5 seconds). Note any change...
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