C2510 EAS Lab F 2012b

Rinse the solid with 70 ml of the ice cold deionized

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Unformatted text preview: lid with 70 mL of the ice-cold deionized water, followed by two 5-mL portions of ice-cold ethanol. Place the acetic acid-sulfuric acidwater-ethanol mixture (now in the filter flask) into the labeled waste bottle in the waste hood. Recrystallization Re-fill the 50-mL beaker with about 15 mL of ethanol and put it in the ice bath. Place the solid in a clean, dry 125-ml Erlenmeyer flask and add enough ethanol to cover the solid. Place the Erlenmeyer flask on top of a magnetic stirrer/hotplate. Clean and dry your Büchner funnel. If the solid will not come off, rinse it with acetone in the hood and pour the waste into the non-halogenated waste container. Add 2-3 boiling stones and heat the ethanol to boiling. The solution should become clear. Boil off the ethanol until you just begin to see particles of solid coming out of the solution. Remove the flask from the heat. Allow the solution to cool slowly to room temperature then place the Erlenmeyer flask in an ice-water bath for 10 minutes. Set up the...
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