C2510 EAS Lab F 2012b

Set up the vacuum filtration apparatus wet the filter

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Unformatted text preview: vacuum filtration apparatus. Wet the filter paper in the Büchner funnel with ice-cold ethanol and turn on the vacuum. Filter the reaction mixture, using small portions of ice-cold ethanol to complete the transfer. Wash the crystals once or twice with the ice-cold ethanol. Transfer your crystals to a tared watchglass and place them in your cabinet uncovered until the following week. Pour your filtrate into the aqueous waste bottle indicated by your instructor. Be sure to clean your bench space.. Be sure to put away all equipment in its proper location and wipe your bench with a sponge before leaving for the day. Product characterization Goal: To use physical and spectroscopic methods to characterize the product of your reaction and to compare your data with that of others in your laboratory section. Note: You may work on these steps in any order. Your instructor or laboratory assistant will help you with the instrumental techniques. 1. Describe the physical appearance of your product (color, crystalline form) and note any odor. 2. Obtai...
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