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HIST 213 Brent Fiorito Response Paper 2/29/08 Slavery within Anthropology Kopytoff begins this article by asking the question of why modern anthropology has for the most part ignored slavery and more specifically New World slavery, which most of us are familiar with, up until the 1960s. He continues by discussing the scant amount of anthropological work done on slavery dealing mostly with ancient and Greco-Roman slavery. He then focuses on the reemergence of the study of slavery and its cause which was the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. What I found as the most interesting portion of the article is his analysis the contemporary work of slavery and the section that deals with the problem of defining slavery in one broad definition. Finally he discusses the processual approach to studying slavery and the problems with its origin. This article deals mostly with the absence of slavery from modern anthropological studies which I find peculiar due it being a widespread practice and an intricate part of human history and development. With the exception of Nieboer’s work anthropologists mainly focused on ancient slavery
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ResponsePaper4 - HIST 213 Response Paper Brent Fiorito...

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