There was poor political leadership 51 a b c d

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Unformatted text preview: his item is shared by the uploader to help you in your studies. It is copyrighted by the creator (copyright owner) of the content. 3 Distribution is prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. ID: 1851 Test ID: 1851 51 : st 18 ID Te 65 : 43 ID er ad lo wn Do 10. There has not been another „Great Depression‟ because: 51 : 18 ID st Te : er lo wn ad ID 43 Stock markets have been de-regulated Monetary and fiscal policy have been used to offset downturns We now have more oil and natural resources The gold standard has been abandoned Population growth has slowed and the population is older Do a. b. c. d. e. 65 Test ID: 1851 oader ID: 4365 Downl 11. Which of the following is the primary reason why some developing economies have achieved high growth rates in the last 20 years: 65 ID : 43 er lo ad wn Do 51 18 : st ID Te : ID er Te st ad lo ID : Do 18 a. They have opened their economies to foreign trade and increased exports. b. They have undertaken more careful central government planning. c. They have stimulated growth with fiscal policy. d. They have blocked manufactured goods from the developed countries to encourage their own manufacturing industries e. They have encouraged the developed economies to adopt „free-trade‟ among themselves. : ad 43 65 wn er ad lo : ID 65 de nt bu dd 43 18 51 : : Do wn lo ad e r ID ID er ID: 4365 load Down y. c 65 43 st er er Do ID : wn lo ID : st 65 ID ad lo wn Do Do Te 43 om 18 51 51 r ID: 436 5 ade Dow nlo 12. Which of the following is NOT a reason why the developed industrialized economies experienced a period of high inflation in the 1970s and 1980s.: 18 : ID : 43 65 ID er ad wn lo 65 : ID 43 er : ID r de nl oa Do w 13. W hich of the following has never been a „centrally-planned‟ economy:: a. b. c. d. e. Brazil China Cuba Poland Russia Test ID: 1851 Oxdia @ Do wn lo ad er ID : 43 65 43 ad lo wn Do This item is shared by the uploader to help you in your stu...
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