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Unformatted text preview: erm interest rates The prime rate of interest The money supply The rate of inflation Do w 1851 ID: 4365 on ID: a. b. c. d. e. oader Downl ut or Test 4. At present, the Bank of Canada directly controls: Tes t ID: 185 1 5 436 Down load Do wn lo ad er er ID: ID : 4365 43 65 Dow nlo ade r ID: Downloader ID: 436 6. Labour unions began to form and achieve recognition in Europe and North America in: 5 436 nlo r ID: ade Dow 51 18 : 18 51 18 51 : ID ID ID : st Te Te st 1750-1799 1800-1849 1850-1899 1900-1949 1950-1999 Te st 1851 Test ID: a. b. c. d. e. 7. „Command‟ or centrally-planned economic systems eventually failed to keep up with the mixed-market economies because: y. c 43 65 18 Dow nlo 1851 Test ID: ade r ID: 436 ad e r ID : de nt bu dd 5 Te st ID 8. Which of the following is NOT an idea attributable to Karl Marx: : 18 Do wn lo 51 a. That workers in capitalist mass-production industries are alienated b. That capital tends to accumulate under the control of fewer and fewer individuals c. That workers would eventually come to own all capital in common d. That the power of the state would eventually wither away e. None of the above; all are ideas attributable to Marx. ID: 1851 4365 der ID: ID : 18 Downloa 65 ID : on 43 Te to st .s tu 51 Test 9. “Anti-Trust” legislation is an important part of modern mixed-market capitalism because it: t ID: 185 1 de nl oa Do w 1851 Test ID: a. b. c. d. e. Tes r r ID: 4365 Downloade ut or ID : st Downloader ID: 4365 om They did not generate enough innovation, efficiency and risk-taking They did not build enough physical capital They suffered from high unemployment rates There were not enough bureaucrats to do the calculations required by central planning e. There was poor political leadership. 51 a. b. c. d. Attempts to promote better competition Protects the big banks from unfair competition from trust funds Helps avoid another Great Depression Lets governments regulate how business treat their workers None of the above Test ID: 1851 Test ID: 1851 Test Test ID: 1851 Oxdia @ http://www.oxdia.com 4365 ader ID: Downlo T...
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