12 - LPK Holt HIUS 309 February 12, 2008 The Civil War and...

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LPK Holt HIUS 309 February 12, 2008 The Civil War and Military History: Basic Army Construction o 100 men = company; commanded by a captain o 10 companies = regiment/battalions; commanded by colonels o 4 regiments = brigade; commanded by brigadier generals o 3 or 4 brigades = division; commanded by a general; might have 12,000 men o 3 or 4 divisions = corps; commanded by a major general; 36,000 men The division and the corps made the army unable to be wiped out in a single battle Argument: The Civil War changed the nature of warfare; had a military impact; first modern war Baron Henri Jomini – Swiss historian; wrote a book about the art of warfare in the 1800s; posited certain rules about how war should be conducted o For Americans, Jomini’s writings (in French) were translated by Henry E. Halleck (commander in the West) and Dennis Hart Mahan (taught every general of the Civil War that went through West Point) o Jomini said over and over that warfare should never involve civilians; nor were wars to be fought for ideological causes (an extension of politics) McClellan’s famous letter to Lincoln: argued that the property of civilians should not be confiscated by the government; against the fighting for emancipation – Lincoln largely ignored this letter and transferred McClellan’s troops out from Harrison’s landing For political reasons, Lincoln ordered the army in the West to invade East Tennessee The Civil War outgrew “Jominian” perceptions of war – became a total war; the North adjusted to the change much more rapidly than the South and was able to win the war
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12 - LPK Holt HIUS 309 February 12, 2008 The Civil War and...

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