14 - LPK Holt HIUS 309 North and South Military Tactics...

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LPK Holt HIUS 309 February 14, 2008 North and South Military Tactics: Even if the Civil War didn’t permanently change ideas of strategy, technological innovations made the war a different war, a modern war altered ideas about tactics in battle and in campaigns The technological changes outmoded Jomini’s writings Jomini considered the infantry the most important part of the army believed the army could move only as fast as its men could march; limited the mobility of the armies The worst thing for an army is to be hit while its on the move The Confederates believed they would always have hold of interior lines and would be able to move more quickly than the Union armies Railroads outmoded how fast and how far armies could move; allowed relatively rapid movement of troops, concentration of troops Joe Johnston’s troops moving from the Shenandoah Valley to the Battle of the first Bull Run displayed the effectiveness of railroads in troop transportation After the battle of Shiloh, Braxton Bragg wanted his army moved to Chattanooga; couldn’t take a direct route and used railroads to transport his troops to Mobile then to Atlanta and finally to Chattanooga on an indirect route After the battle of Chickamauga, 25,000 men (an entire corps) is removed from the Army of Potomac to reinforce Grant at Chattanooga byway of railroads astonishingly rapid movement for the time Jomini always stressed in his book that the army that attacked in battle (the offensive) always had the advantage; saw three parts of any army but the primary function of the cavalry and artillery was to protect the infantry; the best use of cavalry was to hit the enemy’s flanks with saber attacks but the infantry would win the battles in the end writing about armies armed with smooth-bore muskets with a range of 50 to 100 yards; arm troops with bayonets and get them to sprint when under fire; Jomini talked about
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concentrating men for a “knock-out blow”; scorned and distrusted entrenchments and fortifications; drew a
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14 - LPK Holt HIUS 309 North and South Military Tactics...

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