19 - LPK Holt HIUS 309 Civil War and Military History...

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LPK Holt HIUS 309 February 19, 2008 Civil War and Military History Hattaway and Jones, How the North Won o Agree that generals from both sides were not obsessed with Jominian warfare o Argue that changes in firepower gave a defensive army the upper hand o Argue that all generals on both sides recognized this advantage and wanted to avoid frontal assaults o No battle or series of battles could be decisive because no army could be completely annihilated in battle o The way to win the war was to destroy the enemy army’s supplies o The key to the Civil War in terms of strategy was logistics not battlefield tactics o Logistics explains why there were big battles that were not followed up victorious army couldn’t pursue because they didn’t have enough supplies o Virtually every head on Union assault was a result of political pressure from civilians who didn’t understand the war wasn’t going to be won on the battlefield o Destruction of supplies in 1864 and 1865 defeated the Confederate army o Since the outcome of battles did not determine who won the war, field commanders were not as important as behind the lines staff work (“desk generals”) o The South didn’t lose because of its chaotic structure; the Confederates were successful in planning o The lack of an adequate staff hampered the South could produce armaments and supplies (such as ammunition) but failed in getting boots, food, etc. o Lee was much more valuable to the South as a “desk general” than a field commander o They present scores of letters from commanders hailing Halleck staff work was the key to the war By 1863, the North determined the war could never be won in Virginia decided to concentrate on the West in order to “tie Lee down” o Grant went on the offensive instead of attempting to “tie Lee down” Overall strategy of the war for the North was to capture as much territory as possible in order to sever supplies Strategy for the South was to protect their land and supply routes Most campaigns on both sides were determined by the need to protect
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19 - LPK Holt HIUS 309 Civil War and Military History...

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