Each brand has a logo though the elements of the logo

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Unformatted text preview: Each brand has a logo, though the elements of the logo vary across brands. Elements of a Brand A brand logo consists of five distinct elements: • Brand Name: ( Castrol in Castrol Logo) • Geometric Shape: This includes non – copy visuals like Maruti, whirlpool, Star TV, Maggi and Nestle have. • Colour: This is anecessary condition as the brand name also is in the colour and the latter is a necessary condition for a brand logo. • Slogan: Brand slogan in the brand logo is a rare observation. One such example is Britannia: Eat Healthy, think Better. • Font: All copy matter including the brand name has a specific font, e.g: Coca –Cola is always written in a particular manner. Dos and Don’ts in a Brand Logo Page 78...
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