29 - LPK Holt HIUS 309 January 29, 2008 The Great...

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LPK Holt HIUS 309 January 29, 2008 The Great E m ancipator? Divergent views of Lincoln o So m e historians believe his course was slow and he hesitated; some call him a racist bigot o So m e believe Lincoln was irrelevant to emancipation, slaves ultimately acco mplished it by themselves – in reality, without white soldiers they couldn’t have freed themselves o There is no doubt that Lincoln was utterly opposed to slavery – however restoration of the Union not emancipation was his main goal during the war o During his inaugural address he stated that he had no intentions of interfering with slavery where it already existed o Supported the 13 th amend m e nt and the Crittenden Resolution (which stated that the sole purpose was to restore the Union, not to end slavery) o In 1860, Lincoln wanted the border states to do nothing; he feared they would join the Confederacy The border states contained 37 % of the Southern population, 50 % of its industrial resources, 25 % of its land mass 450,000 (white and black) Southerners fought in the Union army (not including Northerners) Population: North – 61 %, South – 39 %; Union – 73 %, Confederacy – 27 % Lincoln’s Cabinet: o John C. Fremont of Missouri – declared Marshall Law throughout the state – Lincoln knew this could drive KY out of the Union – fired Fremont within a month o Secretary of W ar Simon Ca m eron announced to Congress that he advocated the instant joining of freed blacks into the Union army – Lincoln was livid o General David Hunter announced that all the slaves in his
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29 - LPK Holt HIUS 309 January 29, 2008 The Great...

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