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BRAND-MANAGEMENT-NOTES 11.673.2 129 ± help pep up volume offtake substantially, it could trim profit margins for some time to come. This is especially true of players which have taken price cuts on a large part of their portfolio. Third, having tapped most of the consumers who were exposed to and willing to try FMCGs, companies will now have to brace up for the more difficult task, of actually driving consumption. This may call for heavy investments in technology (to develop new products) and distribution reach. But the silver-lining is that after experimenting with various short-term measures to prop up growth rates, the players finally appear to be on the right track. For long, there has been an unbridged gap between the potential offered by the Indian market and the low per capita consumption. By improving the affordability and range of products on offer, they may actually succeed in bridging this gap and pushing growth rates into a higher trajectory for the long term.
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