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Key Terms 1.24.08 - of realist thought • Henry Morgenthau...

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Realism o A conservative perspective on international politics emphasizing the inevitability of conflict among nations, the centrality of power and the ever present threat of war. Collective or Group Egoism o The tendencies of social group to view themselves as not only different from other groups but also better in some respect. An elemet of conservative or realist thought particularly important for understanding the dynamis of social conflict. Thucydides o Greek Historian whose writings represent some of the earliest expressions
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Unformatted text preview: of realist thought • Henry Morgenthau o One of the most influential exponents of a realist approach to international politics • Kennan George o American diplomat and Russian/Soviet expert. In policy terms, was influential in shaping the United States Cold War policy of containment. Intellectually one of the leading figures of the realist school of international politics. • Anarchy o The absence of a central governmental/political authority • Security Dilemma o The problem nations face when the actions taken...
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