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HIS 202 Midterm Exam #2 Study Questions These questions are intended to help you think about the period that will be covered on this exam (1763-1823). Use them to help you organize your thoughts and to determine connections between events. They are not exam questions, so don’t bother trying to memorize them. How do we get from 150 years of colonies that are part of the British Empire to an independent United States of America? What happens to move independence along? In other words, what spurs the Americans to consider another path aside from remaining part of the Empire? How and why do the colonists ultimately succeed in their battle for independence? What factors or events made success seem less than certain? How do Americans begin to prepare for independence during the war? What kinds of governmental structures are they formulating? What system does the new United States of America use to govern itself? What kinds of problems does this first government encounter?
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Unformatted text preview: What sorts of tensions and crises are evident in these early post-war years? What kinds of challenges does this new government face? What propels the United States to craft a new system? What kinds of decisions do they make about how this new government should work? Why? What sorts of concerns and challenges does Washington face during his presidency? How does he shape the country’s future during these years? What sorts of conflicts emerge within the American government? What foreign policy concerns arise during the 1790s? How does President John Adams respond? How is it that the United States comes to expand its territories through the Louisiana Purchase? How does the country’s direction shift during the Republican presidents of the early 19 th century? What changes within the federal government? What changes in terms of foreign policy? How does the United States get pulled into yet another war in 1812? What is the outcome?...
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