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Unformatted text preview: Orland, 2001 (How) can we measure this? Steven Dow et al. Design an Egg Drop Device Participants picked their concept early ITERATION NON-ITERATION PARTICIPANT “No... for some approach for such to be the only “I am is the the whole parachute idea and what kinda just had “This not a veryreason... this seemsa design...” I Iidea. There one “I went withbest good outside-the-box thinker, so had from theneeds to be a platform and idea and I was then as try to make it work...” beginning...” going to good of cushion as possible... I don’t see any other Functional fixation Duncker, 1945 Functional fixation Duncker, 1945 How does parallel prototyping — as opposed to a serial approach — affect design performance? Prototype Prototype Prototype Feedback Feedback Feedback Prototype Feedback Prototype Prototype PARALLE L SERIAL Task: Create an Ad Method (n=33) serial paralle FINAL Expert critique overall theme Ambidextrous wants an ad that reaches out to design practitioners, students, and researchers. composition and layout Try to create visual flow for the viewer; what should the viewer see? surface features Use color to create emphasis, to separate different elements, or to categorize content. Measures • Click-through rate (clicks per impression) • Time on client site (seconds) • Expert ratings (clients and ad professionals) Users clicked Parallel ads at a higher rate than serial ads Clicks per million impressions 480 420 360 300 240 445 180 398 120 60 0 Parallel Serial F(1,30)=4.227 p<.05 Visitors from parallel ads spent more time on...
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