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Ethnographic Pastiche

Ethnographic Pastiche - 1 Alcohol vs The University Alcohol...

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1 November 18, 2007 Alcohol vs. The University Alcohol is consistently used in an irresponsible way, which can be seen at virtually any college campus you go to. The conflict is most visible here is that between the students drinking and the police who break up the parties. The number one group of people college students don’t like are the police, local and those of the university variety. The battle is between the students with the alcohol and the university. My personal stake in the issue is that the vast majority of people that I know and of those that I call friends and family, use alcohol in a manner that myself and many others would deem irresponsible. Please note that I am only referring to those whom are of about college age. Here at Miami I can count the number of people that I know do not drink on two hands, I don’t even need all ten fingers. The number of people I know who drink accounts for the more than ninety percent of the other people I know. I personally do not care greatly what people choose to do, its their choice that’s fine. The problems for me arise when my roommate comes back drunk in the middle of the night, making noise at four in the morning while I’m trying to sleep. Although I have been fortunate that he hasn’t thrown up yet, or done anything of real significance, unlike countless other stories I have heard. I have to say that I don’t think to highly of people that get drunk enough to get caught doing it or go get themselves caught out of sheer stupidity. There are two instances close to home for me on this. This kid two doors down from me has gotten caught with a beer in his hand, went through all the classes and crap that you get to do when you get caught. Of course he still goes out drinking. The other case concerns my little brother, who got caught walking out of a Walgreen’s, not drunk,
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2 but he had a few beers before hand, but it was his friend that caught the attention of the police that happened to be there. Back home alcohol is a huge issue, possibly more so than at college for me. At one point this year, at my high school, near half of the football team was doing community service for getting caught drunk or with alcohol. The policy back home will get you in trouble if your are in the vicinity of a beer can. I have also heard more stories than I want of one of my best friends dry heaving after more than one occasion in high school. Now in the past few months, one of my friends, she doesn’t remember the second night of college, the other doesn’t remember most of the night she celebrated her birthday. Now aside from the fact that by getting so intoxicated they open themselves up to all kinds of trouble, and doing all sorts of stupid shenanigans. It seems to just be me for the most part but when I have fun I like to remember
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Ethnographic Pastiche - 1 Alcohol vs The University Alcohol...

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