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Narrative Analysis - 1 Narrative Analysis March 11th 2008...

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1 Narrative Analysis March 11 th 2008 Insignificant character points of view In Lewis Nordan’s Wolf Whistle , there are many instances of insignificant characters playing an important role at a critical point. This is demonstrated with Alice, the class, and the parrot. These characters are play roles not critical to the novel’s plot and in some cases providing an unbiased point of view. Nordan uses insignificant characters at critical points in Wolf Whistle for the purpose of demonstrating a specific point of view. Alice is introduced very early on in the novel, when reading about her it seemed to be going in a direction other than where I knew the story would end up. Nordan proceeds to go into detail about Alice, her love affair with Dr. Dust, some history about her, information that was seemingly useless in the story at that point. I think that Nordan’s point in this is that he is trying to put a face on the community, as well to get the reader more involved on the social circumstances of the murder. Alice is present throughout the novel, from beginning to end, but despite this she is an insignificant character in the respect that she has no direct relation with the murder. Alice’s significance role is to slowly build up what is going on in the course of the novel, uncovering details, giving a sense of the community as a whole. The most significant moment for Alice in the entirety of the novel is when she is in the courtroom with all of her students and she shouts out: “Yes!” “ We are here! We colored people are behind you!”(231). Alice is making her presence known, above and beyond having all those little white children sitting with her by doing this. She seems to be momentarily out of her
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2 mind, all though she seems a bit odd throughout the novel, between the field trips she takes her class on. Alice is siding with the black community here, it seems that she is trying to show support to Uncle, from a white person because she noticed that when he
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Narrative Analysis - 1 Narrative Analysis March 11th 2008...

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