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Rhetorical Analysis - 1 English 111 10/15/07 Prestige is...

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1 English 111 10/15/07 Prestige is More than just Redbrick Deep For those who have been to Miami University, it is clear that everything about it speaks to its prestigious image. Anyone who takes a walk around cannot help but notice the beautiful campus. It consists of neo-Georgian red brick buildings with cream-colored trim, many buildings are also sporting pillars around the entrance. To preserve the long lasting physical appearance of Miami, there are no exceedingly large buildings, everything is five stories or less, no towering skyscrapers here. The physical appearance of Miami is reflective of buildings around the time of its founding nearly two hundred years ago. Retaining the same style of building speaks to Miami holding tradition important. The look and architecture of the building shows that Miami is a long-standing university, good enough that it is still around, Miami gives off a degree of high class or how prestigious it is just on how the buildings look. The number of buildings is constantly growing, the University likes to brag about the new psychology building, new student apartments, the Goggin Ice Center, Miami's first parking garage, and the new engineering building. All of these buildings are beautiful additions to the campus, with more on the way. There are plans for a new performing arts center, new student center, with the new business school building in east quad and a second parking garage behind the new engineering building both under construction currently. With these new buildings Miami University is showing that they are making a continuous investment in educating their students, all of which currently amounts to 309 million dollars in building projects. While walking around Miami, anyone will not only see numerous red brick buildings, but they will also get a look at many beautiful sights. These range from
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2 flowerbeds around the buildings, to interesting looking things, to the Formal Gardens. On my walk from Kreger hall to my dorm twice a week I walk by Gaskill hall, which has a pretty nice flowerbed following along the sidewalk. What is likely the most beautiful set of flowers as far as most Miamians are concerned would be the oval shaped flowerbed out front of Bachelor hall. This sight of bright purples and oranges faces Spring Street,
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Rhetorical Analysis - 1 English 111 10/15/07 Prestige is...

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