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Wolf Whistle - Explication

Wolf Whistle - Explication - Solon's Return In Wolf Whistle...

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February 14, 2008 Solon’s Return In Wolf Whistle we are looking at the scene where Solon Gregg comes goes back to his house after not being home for six months. Nordan goes into detail to describe the broken glass that is still lying outside the window that Solon jumped through. At this point Nordan is constructing the appearance of everything being the way it was six months ago for Solon. We have some dramatic irony here as Solon merely thinks that everything is fine, expecting to walk in and pick up where he left off. The reader knows differently, of what has happened to Glenn is his attempt to burn his father alive. When Solon enters the house the first person he meets is his daughter, Wanda. The first thing he thinks of when he sees her is how beautiful his daughter has become and thinks to himself how he last remembered her. In the same thought process Solon is thankful that he has not touched his daughter as his own father would touch his sister, Juanita. Here Solon seems t be in part justifying his poor
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