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Liana Raineault Chem 1BL Lab 12 Josh Kurzman Thurs 6-10 2/6/08 Discussion Lab 12 In the lab we titrated a mixture of solution containing C6H8O6, or vitamin C, with KLO3. The iodine in the KLO3 oxidized the vitamin C and when the oxidation reached completion the solution turned blue. We completed three separate titrations using the volume of KLO3 used in the experiment to calculate the mass of vitamin C in solution. In part one we weighed out .401g of C6H8O6 and mixed it with KI, HCl and starch to aid the titration by turning blue when the KLO3 starts reacting with them when the vitamin C is all oxidized. By carefully slowing down when the solution started to turn blue for short periods of time we were able to get the correct volume of KLO3 needed to titrated our vitamin C down to the drop. Our final volume of KLO3 used was 7.6 mL, which converts to .00076 moles. By looking at the balanced equation you see that the ratio between IO3- and I2 (which reacts with vitamin C on a one to one mole ratio) is one
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