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Laboratory #1


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Unformatted text preview: on Specifications Download lab1_5.cpp from etidweb.tamu.edu/ftp/entc269/laboratories Compile and run the program. The printf() function in this program has input that is a little different than “Hello World”. The input to the printf() in this program includes %d. This is a conversion specification. Conversion specifications allow the value of variables to be printed out at its location. Note that in the screen output, 77 is in the place of where %d was in the printf() input. pp. 101‐102 of your textbook lists the conversion specifications in C. Replace %d in the program with some of the conversion specifications in the table on p. 3 of this lab write‐up, recompile, run the program and note what the output becomes. 4. Design Maze Use the grid on p. 4 to design a 20 x 20 maze that starts on one edge of the grid and winds around WITH NO BRANCHING to an edge of the grid. The start and finish cells can be anywhere on the grid edge. Program with a project called “Maze” to display this maze on screen using the “*”...
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