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Liana Raineault Chem 1BL Josh Kurzman Lab 13 Discussion 2/13/08 In part one of this experiment we measured the reduction potentials of different metals in relationship to each other. From this we could tell if they would react with each other spontaneously or not. From our observations the only one that would react spontaneously is silver and copper. In part two we reacted aluminum in copper solution and observed what happened. The balanced reaction is: We saw that the solution turned from a blue (copper) color to lighter blue and then eventually clear. The aluminum was oxidized and created reduced copper. The aluminum turned from silver color to a dark brown/ rust color and broke down a little bit. The reaction was exothermic to the touch. In part three, as predicted by part one, copper reacted spontaneously in a silver solution. Balanced reaction: Almost the reverse happened to the copper than in part two. The solution turned from clear to a light and then darker blue (copper) color. The copper was oxidized by the silver
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