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Liana Raineault Chem 1BL Josh Kurzman Lab 14 Discussion In part one of the lab we measured the cell potential of the electrolysis of lead and copper at different temperatures. We observed that with increasing temperature the voltage also increased. From the voltage value we calculated the free energy available to the system and then graphed that against the temperature to get enthalpy, entropy, and the equilibrium constant. Comparing our experimental values to the calculated accepted values we saw that they were pretty close, with the closest value to the accepted 5.36*10^15 was 6.97*10^15 from the data we collected at 54 degrees. Sources of error could be taking a measurement when the system was still trying to reach equilibrium.
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Unformatted text preview: In part two of the lab we measured the cell potential at different concentrations. An increased concentration means that the voltage also increases. (More interactions between molecules.) Also, having a higher concentration of reactants rather than products creates a higher cell potential. We compared our measured cell potential to the ones calculated by nearsts equation and they came out very similar. Our values increased and decreased the same amount as the calculated, but from a slightly different standard potential. We concluded that cell potential increases with increasing temperature and concentration (esp of reactants)....
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