StudyAid2S08 - STUDY AID FOR BSC 196 Exam #2( 3/24/08),...

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STUDY AID FOR BSC 196 Exam #2( 3/24/08), Spring 2008 Your second exam is on Monday, March 24, and is worth 100 points. It will cover all lecture material, handouts and reading assignments given by Dr. Capparella on phylogeny, systematics, Darwin, and natural selection through example 2; and by Dr. Cook on plant structure, plant secondary growth, origin of land plants, and diversity of bryophytes, seedless vascular plants, & seed plants--gymnosperms but not angiosperms. The points will be distributed roughly proportionally to the material covered. Format: The exam will be an op-scan (fill in the bubbles) exam. Only one answer per question will be the correct. Each question will be worth approximately 2 points. IMPORTANT!!: BRING TWO SHARPENED NUMBER 2 PENCILS TO THE EXAM. Studying suggestions: In studying for all exams in 196, you should recognize that there are three levels of understanding, with the third being the deepest level. First, being able to define the term/concept (sight recognition). Second, being able to understand the meaning and significance of the term/concept (able to explain it to someone else). Third, being able to relate (interconnect) the term or concept to other terms/concepts (seeing the material as a story; if parts of the story don't interconnect, then you probably do not fully understand the material). Following is a list of some important terms and concepts that have been covered in this portion of the course (both lecture and assigned portions of the textbook); they are not in precise order of
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course BSC 196 taught by Professor Cook during the Spring '08 term at Illinois State.

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StudyAid2S08 - STUDY AID FOR BSC 196 Exam #2( 3/24/08),...

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