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Com 110 Fall 2007 Midterm Study Guide My tests: I prefer to ask questions with application of the information as opposed to definitions and listing. You will have several examples and scenarios. Format: 1-15 is T/F, 16-44 is multiple choice, and 45-50 is arranging an outline. Each question is worth 2 points. Chapter 1 Benefits of Communication Com Process Diagram 3 Models of Communication Chapter 2 Com Apprehension Causes of Com App Effects of Com App Treatment of Com App Chapter 3 Ethics and Ethical Com Ethical Standards Plagiarism Chapter 4 Perception Self-Concept Johari Window Chapter 5 Things to consider in choosing topics Narrowing and Generating Topics General and Specific Purpose Statements
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Unformatted text preview: Thesis Statements Chapter 6 Demographics Audience Analysis Speaking Situation Factors Chapter 7 Information Literacy SAFEST approach Types of Examples Evaluating Sources Oral Citation Chapter 8 Organizational Patterns Transitional Devices Chapter 9 Speaking Outline vs. Preparation Outline Organizing Info into an Outline Chapter 10 Pieces/Importance of Introductions Attention Getting Devices Pieces/Importance of Conclusions Chapter 11 Criteria for choosing language Inclusive Language Chapter 12 ITPS requirements Visual Literacy Visual Aid Design Considerations Chapter 13 Effective Delivery Verbal and Non Methods of Delivery...
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