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Fren 004 syllabus sp08

Fren 004 syllabus sp08 - Spring 2008Intermediate French II...

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Spring 2008 Intermediate French II Fren 004 Fren 004: le lundi, le mercredi, et le vendredi de 9h à 9h50, LL 198, de 12h à 12h50, LL 210 Dr. Jennifer Vanderheyden Bureau: 436 Lalumière No. de téléphone: 414-288-7429 (bureau) 508-981-0495 (portatif) heures de permanence: le lundi de 2h à 3h 30, et le mercredi de 2h à 4h, et sur rendez-vous courriel: [email protected] Bonjour! Soyez les bienvenus au cours de français 004! Welcome to fourth semester French. We hope that your study of French will be enjoyable and profitable to your personal growth. French 004 will continue your introduction to the French language and to the many peoples who speak French throughout the world. As in French 001, French 002, and French 003, French 004 will continue to stress the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century, known as « The Five Cs ». These standards describe the content of world languages learning: communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. In addition, as in French 001, French 002, and French 003, French 004 will address equally all four major language skills identified by the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages: reading, writing, speaking, listen- ing. The testing and grading are designed to reflect and reward your efforts to speak and un- derstand French, as well as to read and write the language. This is a college-level modern language course. Its pace is much faster than that of classes at the high school level, and it re- quires your continuous preparation and practice, both in and out of class. However, it will also reward you with the results you want: proficiency and confidence in “real world” French. Learning Objectives: Through exposure to a variety of authentic French sources (texts, recordings, visual aids), you will increase your awareness of the diversity of the cultures and communit- ies of the Francophone world. You will learn to speak on a variety of topics ranging from the personal (your own daily activities, how you would conduct yourself in specific situations) to the more “worldly” (cultural comparisons, oral analyses of short literary texts, current affairs of the Francophone world). You will develop your writing skills by writing paragraphs and several compositions in French. You will increase your competence in both written and spoken French by continuing your study of the grammatical concepts of the French language. You will further develop your reading skills in French by reading a variety of texts (newspaper articles, short literary texts, and essays). Fren 004 Spring 2008 1
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Spring 2008 Intermediate French II Fren 004 TEXTS AND MATERIALS: (Required) Bravo! (fifth edition) (textbook, workbook, CD-ROM, on which you will find recorded versions of all conversations from the textbook) (Thomson/Heinle, 2005: Muyskens, Harlow, Vialet, Brière) A French/English dictionary Grade Distribution: Attendance/class participation 20% Compositions (3 ): 15% Homework/ labwork: 10% Midterm exam (oral ) : 10% Tests (3/4 ): 20% Class presentation 10% Final Exam 15% Letter grades based on the following: A 100-95 BC 84-80 D 69-65 AB
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