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1. UNDERSTANDING SOCIOLOGY OBJECTIVES : (1) What is sociology? Understand the role of the sociologist, and some uses of sociology. (2) Identify pioneers of sociology and describe their major ideas. (3) Describe and distinguish the three major theoretical perspectives of sociology. (4) Describe and illustrate the four major research methods. 1. Sociology and its importance -- General Definition - "Discipline" (1) Concepts (2) Theories (3) Methods - “Social life” -- Specific definitions (1) Social groups (2) Social order and social change -"Sociological imagination," C. Wright Mills (3) Social causation -- Units of analysis (1) Macro sociology (2) Micro sociology -- Importance of sociology (1) Provides a better understanding of social life (2) Gives a valuable preparation for other types of careers (3) Entertain other perspectives and move beyond personal experience (4) Provides a knowledge of various research techniques (5) Understand ourselves and the social world in which we live -- Role of the sociologist and uses of sociology - Sociologist; M.A. / Ph. D. - Specialized fields - B.S., MSU programs: (1) Sociology (2) Criminology - Role (1)Teachers
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(2) Researchers (3) Policy consultants (4) Administrators -- Sociology: Career outlook Business Social Worker Education/Administrator State Agencies Child Welfare Demographer Community Planners Gerontology Law Military Federal Government Evaluation Research Gender Studies -- Criminology: Career outlook Patrol Officer State Trooper
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sociologyunit1outline - 1. UNDERSTANDING SOCIOLOGY...

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