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Unformatted text preview: trl+Shift+R Gamut Warning Ctrl+Shift+Y Regular (toggle) Ctrl+Shift+Y C Rotate Arbitrary Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R Grid (show / hide) Ctrl+ ' Select One Character to Left or Right Shift+ ←, → C Shadow/Highlight Ctrl+Shift+ / Guides (lock / unlock) Ctrl+Alt+ ; Select One Line (to end) Up or Down Ctrl+Shift+ ↑, ↓ C Shadow/Highlight (last settings) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ / Guides (show / hide) Ctrl+ ; Select One Line Up or Down Shift+ ↑, ↓ C Trim Ctrl+Alt+Y New Guide Ctrl+Alt+ ' Select One Word to Left or Right Ctrl+Shift+ ←, → Proof Colors (CMYK preview) Ctrl+Y Select Type to End of Line Shift+End Blending Modes Rulers (show / hide) C Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ ; Ctrl+H Fit on Screen C Clear Guides Extras (show / hide) Ctrl+R Select Type to End of Story Ctrl+Shift+End Cycle Blending Modes Backward Shift+ - Smart Guides (toggle) Ctrl+Alt+Q Select Type to Start of Line Shift+Home Cycle Blending Modes Forward Shift+ + Snap (on / off) Ctrl+Shift+ ; Select Type to Start of Story Ctrl+Shift+Home Behind Alt+Shift+Q Target Path (show / hide) Ctrl+Shift+H Set Horizontal Scale to 100% Ctrl+Shift+X Clear Alt+Shift+R Alt+Shift+C * Zoom In * Zoom In & Resize Window * Zoom Out Ctrl+ + Set Leading to Auto Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A Color Ctrl+Alt+ + Set Tracking to 0 Ctrl+Shift+Q Color Burn Alt+Shift+B Ctrl+ - Set Vertical Scale to 100% Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X Color Dodge Alt+Shift+D * Zoom Out & Resize Window Ctrl+Alt+ - Show / Hide Type Ctrl+H Darken Alt+Shift+K Small Caps (toggle) Ctrl+Shift+H Difference Alt+Shift+E Strikethrough (toggle) Ctrl+Shift+ / Dissolve Alt+Shift+ I Window Alt+W All Palettes (show / hide) Tab Subscript (toggle) Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ + Exclusion Alt+Shift+X Tool Bar & Palettes (show / hide) Shift+Tab Superscript (toggle) Ctrl+Shift+ + Hard Light Alt+Shift+H Actions Palette (show / hide) F9 Toggle Single / Every-Line Composer Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T Hard Mix / Threshold Alt+Shift+L Animation (show / hide) F11 Underlining (toggle) Ctrl+Shift+U Hue Alt+Shift+U Brushes Palette (show / hide) F5 Uppercase (toggle) Ctrl+Shift+K Lighten Alt+Shift+G Color Palette (show / hide) F6 Cancel Type Changes Esc Linear Burn Alt+Shift+A C Histogram (show / hide) F4 Commit Type Changes Ctrl+Return / Enter Linear Dodge Alt+Shift+W C History (show / hide) F10 Linear Light Alt+Shift+J Info Palette (show / hide) F8 Navigation Layer Comps (show / hide) F3 Move View to Bottom Right Layers Palette (show / hide) F7 Options Bar (show) Return / Enter New Window Ctrl+Shift+0 C C Multiply Alt+Shift+M Move View to Top Left Home Normal Alt+Shift+N Next Document Ctrl+Tab Overlay Alt+Shift+O Previous Document Ctrl+Shift+Tab Pin Light Alt+Shift+Z Shift+PageDown Saturation Al...
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