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Unformatted text preview: etup Smart Guides (toggle) C Refine Edge C * Zoom In & Resize Window * Zoom Out & Resize Window ; Guides (show / hide) ' Grid (show / hide) C New Guide [ Send Backward C Bring Forward C C Mode > 8 Bits/Channel Cancel Operation C Layer (Group) Properties C C >(.) / C \ Select Layer Mask (Channel) C Guides (lock / unlock) R S C Paste Outside (selection) V Smart Sharpen W Pattern Maker X Lens Correction Y C Add Noise Z New Group C New Group (no dialog) + Delete Layer (Group) C Delete Layer (Group) (no dialog) - C Clear Guides ; Purge All C Purge All (no dialog) ' C Assign Profile [ C Bring to Front C Convert to Profile Decrease Type Size by 2pt T Decrease Type Size by 10pt <(,) Play Action T Increase Type Size by 2pt T Increase Type Size by 10pt >(.) Preset Manager C Shadow/Highlight C Shadow/Highlight (last settings) / Add Layer Mask Selection \ Load Layer Mask as Selection ~ Select Composite Channel Load Composite as Selection Fill with Background Color Fill from History T Rotate Arbitrary T Backspace Return C Q Send to Back Expand Selection Mode > RGB <(,) Reveal All P Duplicate Layer (Group) (no dialog) Save for Web C Snap (on / off) Contract Selection Print One Copy Duplicate Layer (Group) Add Composite Selection Fill w/ Background & Preserve Trans. ~ Fill from History & Preserve Trans. Commit Changes Backspace Return Space Zoom In (toggle) Tab Next Document ↑ Move Selection 1px Up Duplicate Selection 1px Up Move Selection 10px Up Duplicate Selection 10px Up ↑ ↓ Move Selection 1px Down Duplicate Selection 1px Down Move Selection 10px Down Duplicate Selection 10px Down ↓ ← Move Selection 1px Left Duplicate Selection 1px Left Move Selection 10px Left Duplicate Selection 10px Left → Move Selection 1px Right Duplicate Selection 1px Right Move Selection 10px Right Duplicate Selection 10px Right Home T End T Space Previous Document Cursor to Start of Story T Cursor to End of Story T Select Type to Start of Story Select Type to End of Story PageUp Scroll View Left Scroll View Left 10px PageDown Scroll View Right Scroll View Right 10px * These represent the default keyboard shortcuts; to reverse them, enable the "Zoom Resizes Windows" option in the General Preferences dialog Tab ← → Home End PageUp PageDown [N] New to Adobe Photoshop CS3 [T] Only available in Type Mode [C] Custom keyboard shortcut...
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