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Unformatted text preview: eUp Scroll View Up Scroll View Up 10px PageDown Scroll View Down Scroll View Down 10px Backspace Space Next Application (Windows) Previous Application (Windows) Tab ↑ ↓ ← → Home End PageUp PageDown [N] New to Adobe Photoshop CS3 [T] Only available in Type Mode [C] Custom keyboard shortcut ® ® Adobe Photoshop CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl Ctrl+Alt 1 Select Channel 1 Load Selection Channel 1 Ctrl+Shift Add Selection Channel 1 Ctrl+Alt+Shift 1 2 Select Channel 2 Load Selection Channel 2 Add Selection Channel 2 2 3 Select Channel 3 Load Selection Channel 3 Add Selection Channel 3 3 4 Select Channel 4 Load Selection Channel 4 Add Selection Channel 4 4 5 Select Channel 5 Load Selection Channel 5 Add Selection Channel 5 5 6 Select Channel 6 Load Selection Channel 6 Add Selection Channel 6 6 7 Select Channel 7 Load Selection Channel 7 Add Selection Channel 7 7 8 Select Channel 8 Load Selection Channel 8 Add Selection Channel 8 8 Add Selection Channel 9 9 9 Select Channel 9 Load Selection Channel 9 0 Fit on Screen (View) Actual Pixels C New Window C Flatten Image 0 A (Select) All All Layers C Duplicate C Duplicate (no dialog) A B Color Balance Color Balance (last settings) Auto Color N Black & White B C Copy Canvas Size Copy Merged C Crop C D Deselect Feather (Selection) Reselect C Smart Blur D E Merge Layers Stamp Down Merge Visible Stamp Visible E F Last Filter Last Filter Dialog Box Fade (last filter / adjustment) New Frame (animation) F G Group Layers Create / Release Clipping Mask (toggle) Ungroup Layers C Gaussian Blur G H Extras (show / hide) Stroke Target Path (show / hide) C Group into New Smart Object H I Invert Image Size Inverse (selection) File Info I J New Layer via Copy New Layer via Copy (with dialog) New Layer via Cut New Layer via Cut (with dialog) J K C K Preferences (General) Preferences Panel (last used) Color Settings Keyboard Shortcuts L Levels Levels (last settings) Auto Levels Auto Contrast L M Curves Curves (last settings) Edit in ImageReady Menus M N New Document New Document (last settings) New Layer New Layer (no dialog) N O Open Browse (Launch Adobe Bridge) Blending Options Open As O P Print Q Exit C R Rulers (show / hide) N S Save Save As (Copy) Save As T Free Transform Duplicate Free Transform Transform Again Duplicate Transform Again T U Hue / Saturation Hue / Saturation (last settings) Desaturate Unsharp Mask U V Paste Vanishing Point Paste Into (selection) W Close Close All Close and Go To Bridge X Cut Extract Liquify Y Proof Colors (CMYK preview) Trim Gamut Warning C Z Undo/Redo Step Back (History) Step Forward (History) C C + - * Zoom In * Zoom Out C Print with Preview C Page S...
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