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Unformatted text preview: t+Shift+T Scroll View Down One Page Miscellaneous Alt+Shift+Y End Scroll View Down 10px C Luminosity PageDown Screen Alt+Shift+S Scroll View Left 10px Ctrl+Shift+PageUp Soft Light Alt+Shift+F Help Shift+F1 Scroll View Left One Page Ctrl+PageUp Vivid Light Alt+Shift+V Return / Enter Scroll View Right 10px Ctrl+Shift+PageDown Pass Through (Groups) Alt+Shift+P Cancel Operation Esc / Ctrl+ . Scroll View Right One Page Ctrl+PageDown Desaturate (Sponge Tool) Alt+Shift+D Apply Zoom & Keep Zoom Field Active Shift+Return Scroll View Up 10px Shift+PageUp Saturate (Sponge Tool) Alt+Shift+S New Frame (animation) C About Photoshop Accept Operation C F1 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F Scroll View Up One Page PageUp Highlights (Dodge & Burn Tools) Alt+Shift+H Play Action Ctrl+Alt+ . Pan / Zoom Multiple Documents Shift Midtones (Dodge & Burn Tools) Alt+Shift+M Shadows (Dodge & Burn Tools) Alt+Shift+S * These represent the default keyboard shortcuts; to reverse them, enable the "Zoom Resizes Windows" option in the General Preferences dialog [N] New to Adobe Photoshop CS3 [C] Custom keyboard shortcut Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts Shift Alt Alt+Shift 1 Layer / Tool Opacity 10% Flow / Airbrush Opacity 10% 1 2 Layer / Tool Opacity 20% Flow / Airbrush Opacity 20% 2 3 Layer / Tool Opacity 30% Flow / Airbrush Opacity 30% 3 4 Layer / Tool Opacity 40% Flow / Airbrush Opacity 40% 4 5 Layer / Tool Opacity 50% Flow / Airbrush Opacity 50% 5 6 Layer / Tool Opacity 60% Flow / Airbrush Opacity 60% 6 7 7 Layer / Tool Opacity 70% Flow / Airbrush Opacity 70% 8 Layer / Tool Opacity 80% Flow / Airbrush Opacity 80% 8 9 Layer / Tool Opacity 90% Flow / Airbrush Opacity 90% 9 0 Layer / Tool Opacity 100% Flow / Airbrush Opacity 100% A Path / Direct Selection Tool Path / Direct Selection Tools Linear Burn Blending Mode 0 B Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Tool Cycle Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement Color Burn Blending Mode B C Crop Tool Color Blending Mode C A D Default Colors Color Dodge / Desaturate D E Eraser Tool Cycle Eraser Tools Edit Menu… Difference Blending Mode E F Cycle Screen Modes Menu Bar (show / hide) File Menu… Soft Light Blending Mode F G Gradient / Paint Bucket Tool Toggle Gradient / Paint Bucket Lighten Blending Mode G Help Menu… Hard Light / Highlights H Image Menu… Dissolve Blending Mode I Linear Light Blending Mode J Darken Blending Mode K H Hand Tool I Eyedropper / Sampler / Measure Eyedropper / Sampler / Measure J Spot / Healing / Patch / Red Eye Cycle Spot / Healing / Patch / Red Eye K Slice Tool Toggle Slice / Slice Select Tools L Lasso Tool Cycle Lasso Tools M Marquee Tool Layer Menu… Hard Mix / Th...
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