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5. GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS OBJECTIVES : (1) Define a social group and describe the types of groups important to sociology. (2) Describe the characteristics and effects of social networks. (3) Describe the characteristics of formal organizations and distinguish among kinds of organizations. (4) Describe the three major organizational theories. 1. Social groups and types -- Groups (1) Social aggregate (2) Social category (3) Statistical group (4) Social group -- Types (1) Boundary (a) In-group (b) Out-group - Characteristics (1) Symbols (2) Positive stereotypes (3) Competition - Reference group (2) Purpose (a) Primary (b) Secondary (3) Size (a) Small (b) Large - Effects (1) Relationship (2) Structure (3) Division of Labor (4) Leadership (5) Communication (6) Intimacy (7) Conformity - Leadership (a) Instrumental (b) Expressive - Group think, Janis
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2. Social networks -- Characteristics (a) Large or small (b) Direct or Indirect (c) Dense or loose -- Effects (a) Positive (b) Negative 3. Formal organizations and types -- Formal organization (1) Goals and Means, Weber - Goals: Mission - Means: procedures (a) Rational planning (b) Division of labor (c) Hierarchy of control (d) Formalized rules (2) Power and involvement, Etzioni - Power (a) Coercive
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sociologyunit2outline - 5. GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS...

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