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8. FAMILIES OBECTIVES : (1) Understand the family from a global perspective. (2) Describe the major sociological perspectives on the family. (3) Analyze some of the changes in the U.S. family. 1. Family from global perspective (1) Composition (a) Nuclear (b) Extended (2) Marriage forms (a) Monogamy/Serial Monogamy (b) Polygamy/Polygyny and polyandry (3) Preferred partner (a) Endogamy (b) Exogamy (4) Mate selection (a) Individual choice, (b) Arranged marriage (c) Purchase (5) Residence (a) Patrilocal (b) Matrilocal (c) Neolocal (6) Descent (a) Patrilineal (b) Matrilineal (c) Bilateral (7) Authority (a) Patriarchal (b) Matriarchal (c) Egalitarian -- The U. S. family 2. Perspectives on family  (1) Functionalist  (a) Sexual regulation (b) Reproduction (c) Socialization (d) Economic (e)Emotional
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(2) Conflict (a) Violence (b) Exploitation (3) Symbolic interactionist (a) Communication (b) Emotional labor 3. Changes in the U.S. family (1) Age at marriage (2) Size of family and household
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sociologyunit3outline - 8. FAMILIES OBECTIVES: (1)...

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