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Unformatted text preview: dvantages of TAGs as stored fuels: 1. Carbon atoms of fat are highly reduced energy store – Oxidation TAGs ~ 9.5 cal/gm CHOs ~ 4.0 cal/gm 2. TAGs are hydrophobic ∴ lighter as no H2O TAGs insulate against the cold Where are TAGs found? In adipocytes as droplets of fat (under skin, abdominal cavity, and in mammary glands) Fat transportation in the Fat transportation in the body 1) Fatty acids ­ transported in the blood attached to the serum protein albumin 2) TAGs ­ transported in the blood in lipoproteins (VLDL, LDL, HDL, chylomicrons) Lipids ­ The Least You Lipids ­ The Least You Need to Know! to recognise fatty acids to illustrate fatty acid nomenclature to define TAGs to identify advantages of fat Question A) Draw the following fatty acid lipids i) 14:3 (ω3,5,9 or ∆ 5,9,11) ii) 20:0 B) What factors are important in determining the melting point of lipids? C) Which o...
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