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Study guide-mid term - Freud-Oedipal complex, castration...

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Freud -Oedipal complex, castration Chaos -“chasm” first four gods Gaia -Earth. Mother of titans, Ouranos, Cyclopes, 100 handers Tartaros- underside foundation……4 th god….coupled with Gaia Eros- sexual love Ouranos- sex to prevent succession, father of Cyclopes, titans, 100h, Aphrodite Kronos -eats babies. Father of Olympians. Married to Rhea Olympus - Mountain where Olympians live. Woot. Typhoeus -monstrous offspring of Gaia and Tartaros. Fights with Zeus Metis -Foresight. Married to Zeus. Eaten. Mother of Athena. Athena - Born form Zeus head. Craft, weaving, war Muses -Art/theatre/ Mnemosmyne Promtheus -Stole fire. Trickster. Creates man. Eternally damned. Liver shit. Epimetheus -Brother of Prometheus. Dipshit/block head Pandora - first woman Apsu/Tiamat -primordial waters- freshwater/salt water-male/female Babylonia Deucalion/ Pyrra -survive the great flood Flood -Zeus wipes out mankind Io -RAPE-cow-Hera-Zeus-Hermes-Argus Argus -100 hander guards Io, killed by Hermes Europa -Zeus switches to Bull, rides bull to Crete-RAPE Ganymede -male-RAPE-Zeus-eternal cupbearer Apollo -plays lyre-prophecy and art-kills python-Phytian Priests-Delphi-Python Artemis -hunting, wild animals (game), childbirth?, Actaion, Arachne, Niobe Delos -Island where twins are born Leto - mother of twins…. . Telphousa -evil nymph-tells Apollo to find his cult site elsewhere Delphi -puke stone, sanctuary of Apollo Python -slayed at Delphi by Apollo Daphne - runs from Apollo turns into a laurel tree Niobe -hubris-sons and daughters killed by Apollo and Artemis Hyacinthus -male-apollo-frisbee-dead-blood-flower Pythian Priestess -@ Delphi for Apollo-“possessed”-gas “sightings” Anchises- had sex with Aphrodite-hubris-sons forever great Aeneas- son of Anchises and Aphrodite Hestia- god of the hearth Actaion- Hubris-Artemis-eaten by dogs Maia- mother of hermes-nymph Lyre- musical instrument invented by Hermes, played by Apollo. Resembles lute Olive Tree -given to Athena by Athena. Produces main ag. Product. Staple. Arachne- weaver-boasted as good as Athena-turned spider-portrayed sexualities Erectheus- first Athenian to spring up. Cabbage patch kid-king sperm of hephestos/ athena
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House of erecteus- where poisdon struckthe ground. .Parthenon Brauron- sanctuary for girls/ Artemis/ Drinking Hephaistos- born from Hera-lame god-blacksmith-Aphrodite Helios- sun god…. Hekate- crossroads and witchcraft…. Eleusis- sanctuary of Demeter Telesterion- hall of initiation at Eleusis things said, done, revealed Semele- mother of Dionysus. Mortal. Zeus. Burned alive Pentheus- son of Agave king of Thebes Cadmus- king of thebes Teiresias- old prophet. Accepts Bacchus Agave- daughter of Cadmus Thebes- Odysseus- son of Laertes, Penelope wife Agamemnon- brother of Menelaus-leader of Greeks at Troy
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Study guide-mid term - Freud-Oedipal complex, castration...

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