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Unformatted text preview: • Contextualized/decontextualized/recontextualized- meanings shift, etc. • Additive Rhythms- Albanian music-link together sets of 2s and 3s ex: 1- 3/4-/6-/8-10 • National/community/ personal identity- beats used for rhythm-Albanian • 1885-Alexander Ellis- music analysis-nothing the same-must study deeper • Music/Culture- in/as, one generates the other and visa versa • Modulation- moving from one scale to another • Sitar etiquette- sit on carpet, shoes off, risers, don’t step over, don’t touch w/feet • Feet/shoes- dirty/polluted • Enculturation- process of learning one’s own culture, v.slow process • Polyrhythm- multiple rhythms occurring at the same time • Agbekor- “clear life” war song-performed to remember identity and heritage- Ewe-Ghana & Togo. Dance of the monkeys. Requires special training • Gonkcogui- bell used in Agbekor music • Call and Response- style used in Agbekor • Kora- 21 string bridge harp • Drum language- each drum part has text associated with the sound it makes • Mande Empire- 14-15 century…… • Griot- experts in speech, song, and instruments. historians/guardians of history/legacy • Jali- Praise singers-professional “sound artisans” Mande ethnic tradition • Mbira- way of connecting/communicating with ancestors-long metallic keys- soundboard/bridge-resonator amplifies sound • Kushaura- main melody • Kutsinhira- overlapping melody • Gerhard Kubik- Austrian ethnomusicologist • 1955- Society for Ethnomusicology founded • Lotus- rise up above-symbol of purity • Mariachi- musical genre from Jalisco Mexico • Guitarron- bass guitar in Mariachi music...
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mid term study guide - •...

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