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Unformatted text preview: , consideration of Korus in the House. Additional challenges relate to the so-called fast-track rules governing the submission of the trade deals to Congress. These rules provide, first, for informal reviews of draft legislation by both houses of Congress and permit members of Congress to propose amendments. While the president does not need to accept the amendments in the final version of the bill presented to Congress for passage, amendments proposed during the informal process signal Congressional concerns. The many amendments proposed for Korus, or at least those made public to date, indicate a high level of controversy and are previews of the heated debates to be expected in Congress about the legislation. They will also be used by opponents of the president’s strategy as drags on the process. Furthermore, Republicans insist that the pairing of the TAA renewal with the Korus legislation is inconsistent with fast-track rules. Timing is also a key concern for the White House. The November 2012 presidential election is coming fast , and the democratic base - already wary of trade deals and disappointed with Obama’s inability to revive the U.S. economy - may hold passage of three trade deals against him. The political cost to Obama of attempting to pass new trade deals will increase rapidly after the summer recess and at some point become unbearable. Hence, the Obama administration is now waging an all-out effort to secure passage under the expedited fast-track process before then. There is little that Korea can do to influence the outcome of the U.S. ratification process at this point. The Obama administration has decided it has obtained the best deal with Korea that it can get, and has launched a high-stakes domestic process to get the deal passed. Obama is personally invested in the success of this process, and we can expect that he will do his utmost to secure passage quickly. Indeed, Obama has repeatedly lauded Korus as a vital part of America’s exports promotion - and job growth from exports strategy. The weeks ahead will show whether he can succeed in his audacious gamble. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 16 Mercury Politics 1NC Shell – SKFTA Good (2/4) B. Link – Changing NASA policy spends political capital – only a risk of a link Conley, University of Florida political science professor & Cobb, University of Florida PhD candidate, 10 [Richard S. & Wendy Whitman, APSA 2010 Annual Meeting Paper, “The Perils of Presidential Leadership on Space Policy: The Politics of Congressional Budgeting for NASA, 1958-2008”, p. 10-11,, accessed 7-1-11] Presidential Leadership, Congressional Funding, and the Post-Cold War Era It is perhaps understandable why few presidents have been unwilling to put their “political capital” on the line for space policy—a “constituentless” policy area (Light 1999)—since the Apollo era. The international and domestic political context has changed consid...
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