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Unformatted text preview: person, Ms Bachmann responded, listing her achievements as a former tax lawyer with a postdoctorate degree in federal tax law, a state lawmaker and businesswoman. Her rise is proof that the Tea Party conservative movement remains a potent force after helping Republicans win control of the House in elections in November. The Tea Party was wildly successful because it was not personality driven, said Republican strategist Scott Reed. Bachmann s challenge is to harness that energy and score an early state victory. Ms Bachmann will be vying with conservative rivals such as former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty in Iowa, where social conservatives play a major role in Republican politics. Her presence could dampen the chances that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will make a late entry into the campaign, since their messages resonate with the same conservative voters. Unlike Ms Palin, Ms Bachmann holds public office and has a role in the Republican Party, as head of the Tea Party House caucus. Ms Bachmann s brand of conservatism has generated such proposed legislation as the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act that would prevent the government from requiring Americans to use energy-efficient light bulbs. The question for me is whether she can get any establishment support, said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak. We know she has Tea Party support. But the question is, can she gain credibility with the establishment, governors, senators, senior members of the party in and out of office. Ms Bachmann has rejected as scare tactics warnings of economic catastrophe if lawmakers don t approve raising the US debt ceiling. I have no intention of voting to raise the debt ceiling because, right now, the federal government continues to spend more money than what it takes in, she told CBS. (Reuters) Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 222 Mercury Politics Internal Link – Tea Party – Clout – AT - Inexperience The Tea Party was trained – they now have an effective plan for debt reduction Zernike, national correspondent for The New York Times, 6-27-11 (Kate, “Tea Party to Come Up With Debt-Cutting Proposals” The New York Times, June 27, 201, Lexis, Accessed July 5, 2011, EJONES) While the Tea Party movement has led the charge for cutting the national debt, its supporters have often struggled to explain how, exactly, they would do so. Now some are out to change that, joining a Tea Party debt commission that plans to hold hearings over the summer, in the hopes of delivering recommendations to lawmakers by January. The commission is being organized by FreedomWorks, the libertarian advocacy group that helped grow the Tea Party movement and mobilize it for the midterm elections. And its recommendations are likely to line up with the goals of that group, which in turn tend to reflect those of libertarian organizations like the Cato Institute. (FreedomWorks' motto is Lower Taxes, Less Government, More Freedom, and it has worked against environmental regulations and for increased privatization of health care.) ''If you look if you look at the landscape in Washington, D.C., there's a lot of Democrats...
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