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Unformatted text preview: 8 Mercury Politics Privatization – Popular – TEA Party Privatization is popular with the TEA Party TEA Party Patriots, 6/23/11 (“TEA Party Space Platform”,, accessed 6/25/11, EK) Congress must implement new policies and reform old space laws to promote the greatest possible private-sector engagement in profitable free-market space activities. Therefore: Plank - Congress must reform International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), easing restrictions on U.S. private enterprise from engaging in commerce with friendly countries in the sale of goods and services. Specifically, and among other things, satellites should be removed from the munitions list. Plank - The Federal Aviation Administration Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA/AST) shall continue to be the regulatory agency for private spaceflight, including spaceflight carried out by the private sector for the public sector. NASA shall only have jurisdiction over missions which are exclusively carried out by and for the government. For American values to spread throughout the solar system, the United States government must strongly support and utilize free-market principles in how it promotes the settlement of space. Government agencies including FAA/AST, DOD (including DARPA), and NASA must become a partner of commercial entities and facilitator of market emergence and growth. These government agencies must also develop sound economic policies for commissioning new missions, project management, and technology development. Robust free-market competition has been objectively shown to be the most cost-effective means of producing and procuring goods and services. Therefore: Plank - Congress shall allow NASA to cancel all existing Shuttle, Ares, and Space Launch System contracts terminating the $11 billion dollar earmark in 2010 NASA Authorization Law (Public Law 111-267). In addition, NASA shall competitively bid the development of any and all human exploration transportation capabilities. Plank - NASA shall use competitions and prizes whenever feasible to stimulate the private sector, including individual American inventors, to achieve innovative and affordable solutions to technological challenges. [NOTE: DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DOD = Department of Defense] Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 109 Mercury Politics Privatization – Popular – Public Almost half of Americans support privatization of space travel Rasmussen Reports, 9/16/2007 (Biggest public opinion poll conductor in the United States, “Google Challenge: 75% Expect Private Company Will Land Vehicle on Moon Within Five Years”, expect_private_company_will_land_vehicle_on_moon_within_five_years, accessed 6/27/11) EK The survey also found that 44% of Americans say its’ a good idea for private companies to develop the capacity for traveling to the moon. Twenty-four percent (24%) disagree while 32% are not sure. Men, by a 54% to 19% margin, believe it’s a good idea. Women are more...
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