3 it is easy to see the shift in nasas focus in 1996

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Unformatted text preview: ld best work. The development, fabrication and launch of a device to carry out such an experiment is fraught with risk. A release of dangerous quantities of radioactive material (whether or not through detonation) could occur through manufacturing error, launch failure, terrorist action or several other plausible scenarios. The probabilities of a radioactive release with locally adverse effects, or even of a catastrophic detonation, greatly exceed the chances of a long-period comet sneaking up on us. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 174 Mercury Politics Asteroid Defense – Popular – Congress New fear of collision is spurring popular gains for asteroid defense David,'s Space Insider Columnist, 7/19/10 (Leonard, “Congress Proposes Commission to Study Asteroid Impact Threat” for 7-19-10 accessed: 6-21-11) TJL Lawmakers are paying new attention to how best to shield Earth from a bad day ? getting whacked by an asteroid or comet that has our planet in its cross-hairs. A new bill introduced to Congress proposes establishing a government-sponsored commission to study the threat of a major space rock collision with Earth and how prepared we are ? as a country and a planet ? to face such a danger. There is a growing choir of concern regarding Near Earth Objects, or NEOs ? spotting them and dealing with any Earththreatening gatecrashers. While the annual probability of the Earth being struck by a huge asteroid or comet is small, the consequences of such a collision are so calamitous that it is prudent to appraise the nature of the threat and prepare to deal with it, experts say. [Gallery: Holes in the Earth] Last month, Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R ? CA) introduced the new bill before Congress, H.R. 5587, titled: "To establish a United States Commission on Planetary Defense and for other purposes." "We need to take the next step," Rohrabacher told "Our NEO search and tracking program continues to move forward, but nobody is taking responsibility for protection. I am more confident than ever in our ability to identify potential threats from asteroids and comets, but it is critical to the future of humanity that we develop the capabilities to protect ourselves from those threats." Rohrabacher said that the Commission on Planetary Defense that he is proposing will review our planetary readiness for an impact event and make recommendations on how to develop an adequate response system to those threats Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 175 Mercury Politics ***Links – SETI Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 176 Mercury Politics SETI – Unpopular – Politicians & Public SETI is unpopular – previously shut down and no taxpayer support Cokinos, University of Arizona Professor, 6-22-11 (Christopher, professor of English, “CHRISTOPHER COKINOS: SETI funding cut and death of curiosity” Fresno Bee, pg. 5, Lexis, EJONES) In a country where some corporations do not pay taxes, millionaires get farm subsidies and a presidential candidate can run up a...
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