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Unformatted text preview: destinations such as near-Earth asteroids should be reconfigured as stepping-stones to the ultimate goal of the Red Planet; and that if Mars does not become the official goal of the human spaceflight program, then the program will effectively be dead by the end of the current decade. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 141 Mercury Politics Colonization – Popular – TEA Party Colonization is popular with the TEA Party. TEA Party Patriots, 6/23/11 (“TEA Party Space Platform”,, accessed 6/25/11, EK) Our goal is nothing less than the expansion of American civilization into the solar system . Fifty years ago, the United States was in a Space Race with the Soviet Union. Our nation applied the strategy we had developed in World War II - a "crash" federal research and development program that spared no expense to accomplish the short-term goal of landing an American on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth. America can no longer afford the big government "crash" model. We must return to traditional American free-market principles to expand permanently into space . It was American individuals and businesses who pioneered the wilderness, built a continent-spanning nation, and created the most prosperous economy in the history of humanity. We must therefore advance the goal of permanently settling the space frontier by fostering private as well as appropriate government activities in space. We can do so by: 1.Creating a legal, tax and regulatory framework, that fosters free and competitive markets that increasing private investment in space activities. 2.Pursuing all federal space activities, especially civilian projects, in such a way as to utilize and strengthen the U.S. commercial space industry, and realigning projects wherever necessary to reinforce, rather than distort, normal market forces. Only through fiscally responsible policy, which limits government bureaucracy and stimulates the free market, will the United States expand on its leadership in space. By removing barriers of entry to the utilization of the solar system, new business models become viable. This sound free-market-based approach will create new sectors of the economy and strengthen America as the vanguard of freedom and opportunity as we spread throughout the solar system. We will carry forth the American values that made our nation great. The United States will settle space as it settled the American continent. The days of Lewis and Clark, and Apollo, are over. This is the Oregon Trail space policy. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 142 Mercury Politics ***Links – Hubble Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 143 Mercury Politics Hubble Telescope – Unpopular – Public Less than half of Americans support the expense for the Hubble Telescope Rasmussen Reports, 5/20/2009 (Biggest public opinion poll conductor in the United States, “47% Say Hubble Space Telescope Worth The Cost”,
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