A us trade deal with south korea will bind our

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Unformatted text preview: ctice for guarding against ballistic missile attacks and for defending remote Japanese islands,” [4] The first objective presumably pertains to North Korea, the second to China. [5] The British journalist quoted earlier reminded his readers that the “joint exercises with Asian allies are…a show of strength, sending a signal that the US still has a lot of sway, not to mention firepower, in this region. “Competition in the seas of the East Asian region is increasing. Just over the horizon from the war games are a group of islands held by Japan, but claimed by both China and Taiwan. “The islands have untapped offshore oil and gas reserves, and these waters are a vital trade route for goods being shipped around the world.” [6] [IRRELEVANT TEXT REMOVED] Shortly after Secretary of State Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen visited his country last month, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, until last summer his nation’s head of state, asserted that “Australia could be drawn in to any military conflict on the Korean peninsula under its alliance with the US .” That is, because of obligations imposed by the Australia, New Zealand, United States (ANZUS) Security Treaty. [21] North Korea only goes so far in serving as the justification for the expansion of expeditionary military capabilities and deeper integration with the Pentagon’s plans for the region. The Washington-Tokyo-Seoul military axis is preparing for war. And not only on the Korean Peninsula. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 43 Mercury Politics Impact – SKFTA Good – Econ & Alliance Trade strengthens the alliance and supports thousands of jobs. Bangkok News 7/7/11 (No Author (AFP), 7 July 2011, “Republicans nix trade pact deal with Obama”, , 7/6/11, SWolff) […] The South Korea trade agreement now enjoys support of key members of Congress. The Obama administration has predicted it would support 70,000 jobs and bolster an increasingly close alliance with South Korea. But the AFL-CIO -- the main US labor confederation and key election force for the Democrats -- remains opposed. It doubts the job growth figures and charges that the trade agreement would benefit corporations instead of workers. Under the 2009 stimulus bill championed by Obama, hundreds of thousands more workers became eligible for benefits and retraining under the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. But the expansion of the program ran out earlier this year as Republican lawmakers -- who triumphed in 2010 congressional elections -- said it was too expensive. The program's benefits totaled $1.1 billion in the last fiscal year. South Korea Free Trade Agreement will improve economies and relations AFP 2011 (6/17/2011, AFP, “US-Korea FTA too important to wait: US ambassador”, docId=CNG.a524926998286f1a68c739cd3a564f2b.a31, 6/21/11) EK SEOUL...
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