But the key test for a presidents clout or success is

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Unformatted text preview: a weak economy” ,, accessed 7-11-11] A steady stream of polls has shown that voters are unhappy with Obama's handling of the economy. Even members of the president's party fear that the economy could ultimately be Obama's political undoing. Henry Cisneros, a housing secretary under former President Clinton, said: "You can't win this if the economic foundation is truly shaky. He really does have to turn this around, in my judgment." Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 235 Mercury Politics Link Answer – Obama Won’t Spend Political Capital on NASA NASA is a political football – Obama won’t spend political capital defending it Cunningham, former Apollo pilot, 10 [Walter, 2-6-10, Houston Chronicle, “Taking a bite out of NASA”,, accessed 7-1-11] President Barack Obama's budget proposal may not be a death knell for NASA, but it certainly would accelerate America's downward spiral toward mediocrity in space exploration . Now it's up to NASA's leaders to put the best face possible on this nail that the administration is trying to hammer into their coffin. This proposal is not a “bold new course for human spaceflight,” nor is it a “fundamental reinvigoration of NASA.” It is quite the opposite , and I have no doubt the people at NASA will see it for what it is — a rationalization for pursuing mediocrity. It mandates huge changes and offers little hope for the future. My heart goes out to those who have to defend it. NASA has always been a political football. The agency's lifeblood is federal funding, and it has been losing blood for several decades. The only hope now for a lifesaving transfusion to stop the hemorrhaging is Congress. It is hard to be optimistic. President Obama has apparently decided the United States should not be in the human spaceflight business. He obviously thinks NASA's historic mission is a waste of time and money. Until just two months before his election, he was proposing to use the $18 billion NASA budget as a piggybank to fund his favored education programs. With this budget proposal, he is taking a step in that direction. Gonzaga Debate Institute 2011 236 Mercury Politics Link Answer – Space Not Key Space policy will not be a factor for voters, it’s not important Simberg, former supervisor and project manager for advanced space programs at Rockwell International, 6-17-11 (Rand, The Examiner, “The surprise space policy debate”,, 6/21/11) EK Despite last night's question, though, it's unlikely that the election will swing on space policy -- the last time space policy was important in a presidential election was over fifty years ago, when the nation was still panicked by Sputnik, and Democrat Senator John F. Kennedy ran against Vice President (under Eisenhower) Richard Nixon on the "missile gap" with the Soviet Union. Next year, most of the states in which space is locally important -- Alabama, Texas, Utah, California -- won't be battlegrounds. The only exception is the swing state of Florida, which the administration will almost certainly have to w...
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